Using a youth work approach: To partner with young people in our local communities who need one-to-one support and guide them towards achieving their potential. 

Put even simpler: ‘Young people getting the right support.’

  • Age range we offer this opportunity to: 8 to 15 years of age.
  • To provide these young people with someone who will support, befriend, listen to, value, enable and advocate for them.
  • The on-going mentoring relationship enables and empowers each young person to:
  • Make good choices about their own lives; build self-confidence; further develop their life-skills and to encourage their chosen engagement in new challenges.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to local demand, our One to One mentor project currently has limited places available as most of our mentors have been matched with young people. 

Please contact Mischa Constant to find out current availability:

07880 344 943 (m) or

 We are currently recruiting new mentors:

Due to the on-going identified need for this project in our communities we are constantly seeking to recruit new mentors, to be able to effectively meet this need. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or simply would like to find out more about this unique opportunity click on our Intro document or contact our ‘One-to-One’ project coordinator: Mischa Constant through ‘Contact Us’ section of our site.

How the project began:

Our ‘Needs Assessment’, under-taken in partnership with YMCA Scotland (2011/12); prompted us to respond to the identified need to deliver a suitable mentor project (‘One to One’) on Skye. Now successfully launched, as a pilot the autumn of 2013, it is now delivered (on-going) in our local Skye communities. Mentoring is not some new idea dreamed up by us, but is a tried and tested method of positively and effectively engaging with young people by guiding them towards a better future. The following quote does well to explain:

“Many young people in our communities today seem to be ‘lost in the
woods’ with no clear exit strategy. Mentors do not simply lead them to the
nearest exit, but rather offer them the skills and tools to learn the art of ‘navigation’
for themselves, empowering them toward a better future.”

 It can be misunderstand what ‘Mentoring’ means. In this case, we mean:

‘Effectively partnering a young person with one of our trained mentors and through weekly support in safe and fun environments; to reach towards fulfilling their potential, together. ‘

The recent on-going success of the national award winning YMCA Scotland Mentoring Project: ‘Plus One’ has played a significant role in influencing preparation and planning of this new initiative in the Isle of Skye.

Many are aware of the many issues that young people have to face in this day and age:

Risk of offending; substance abuse; lack of self-esteem; bullying; abuse; loneliness and family breakdown, to name a few. Through ‘One-to-One, Skye YMCA, provide a trained adult role model to get alongside a young person. Using early intervention and/or preventative youth work, we are able to help each young participant, to avoid becoming yet another statistic we do not want for our communities.

A mentor can provide a young person with helpful advice; an empathetic listening ear and the opportunity to empower the young person to learn to confidently make healthier choices for themselves. The core aims of the work seeks to empower a young person’s overall self-esteem.Without out this on-going encouragement, almost nothing of what they seek to change can be achieved. Mentors on the project are trained and equipped to:

  • Support a young person, for one year, on a 1-1, weekly basis.
  • Listen, empathize and guide (if necessary) or sign-post.
  • Be non-judgmental and patient with issues they are facing.
  • Encourage and work towards goals together, set by the young person.


Referral process: 

Referrals are considered/ managed by our coordinator. Relevant information sharing is supported by our formal referral team made up of: Schools; Social work; Education; Police; Health; Child and Youth Services; Skye and Lochalsh Young Carers.

Consent: Will be sought from each young person and their parent/s and/or guardian/s or carers.  Young people and  their care-givers can contact us direct for self-referrals to be put forward. Individuals and agencies can make a referral by contacting Mischa Constant.

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